Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 2012

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

At the age of 21, Nell discovers that as a young child, she was found alone on a ship headed for Australia, and that the father she has loved for all these years is merely a man who found her.

Though they loved her like their own, Nell could not continue loving her family the way she had. In an effort of desperation, she sets out on her quest of self discovery, which leads her to the Blackhurst Manor just off the Cornish coast. It is here that Nell begins to piece together her history, learn the truth about her origins, and unbury the secrets of the Montrachet family.

However, it is Nell’s granddaughter Cassandra, suffering with her own abandonment issues, who finishes Nell’s journey and discovers the family’s darkest secret of all. After unexpectedly inheriting the Cliff Cottage on the grounds of Blackhurst Manor and its forgotten garden, Cassandra slowly finds the missing pieces of Nell’s history which lead to her own self discovery and healing. 

Holly says: This historical saga is filed with mystery and secrets, grand passions and tragic woes. It's certainly not great literature, but I loved the characters and the plot. It was a wonderful summer reading book and a delicious book to become lost in! 

Speaking of delicious, we met at my house for dinner and enjoyed a grilled shark fish—don't tell Natalie, the muscles freaked her out enough—and muscle stew. My not-so-forgotten garden provided the veggies for a tian, but the highlight was the peach dessert. Yummy!

Left to right: Sue, Leslie, Natalie, Me (Holly), and Alison. Missing (sadly!) are Karen and Linda.

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