Friday, August 16, 2013

July 2013

Navigating EarlyJuly's meeting was unscheduled but became a reality because we've discovered that two months in between meets is way too long.  So an impromptu meeting was held without the vacationing Sue and Grandma Linda who thought visiting new grandbabies was more fun than hanging with us.  Dinner was at a perennial favorite, Red Iguana 2, in Salt Lake City and the book was "Navigating Early" because several happened to be reading it. The book got 3 stars from the group.

Karen said: The story begins with Jack moving from home to attend a boarding school after his mother passes away. Jack becomes friends with Early, a boy who today would probably be classified as a savant. As I read about how Early saw the world, and especially numbers, I thought often of the book: Born on a Blue Day. Interestingly, at the end of the book the author mentions that particular book as an inspiration for her. The novel Navigating Early weaves together the story of Pi with the adventures of the two boys as they navigate their own journey from lost to found. Overall, it was a fabulous read.

Alison said: This second novel by Newbery Award-winning author Clare Vanderpool had some excellent moments - and I did enjoy the main characters Jack and Early - but I think I liked the beginning and the ending of the story better than the middle section. Sometimes, too, the messages seemed a little heavy handed and the plot devices a tad too contrived. I really loved Moon Over Manifest, so I was somewhat disappointed with this one. I'm looking forward, though, to see what Vanderpool does next.

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