Thursday, January 20, 2011

February 2011-our second anniversary

This month the book club humored Karen, and read one of her favorite poets, Billy Collins. In his collection of poems The Trouble with Poetry, Karen's favorite poems are "The Revenent," "The Trouble with Poetry," and "The Lanyard." She said that if everyone at least reads these three she will be thrilled. :)

We met for lunch at Cucina, on 1026 2nd Ave in Salt Lake City (On 2nd Ave, between Q and R streets, just north of South Temple).

Leslie says: "The Lanyard" ended up being my very favorite, but there were others I liked almost as much. That one about the Gutenberg Bible and the sheep, for one. I'm not a huge fan of poetry, because I don't always get deeper meanings out of it, which seems to be the point. Then I feel stupid. Holly talked about a lot of stuff I didn't understand and I felt clueless for not seeing anything more than a lanyard, but I still liked the poem. I'm going with the philosophy that if you like something you read, great - even if you don't get anything deep out of it. If it doesn't speak to you at all, that's okay too. Either way, it's worth giving it a shot. I feel enriched for having read some of these poems.

Holly says: Oh Leslie, your gals know that between us, you are the brilliant and hilarious one!  (Readers can refer to The Happiness Project page 156 to get the joke—spontaneous trait transference.)   Plus, the only reason I was talking "about alot of stuff" is because I had to look up all those complicated words, giving me a leg up having had a refresher on their definitions.  "The Lanyard" is my favorite Collins poem too.  A message to my team bloggers –Leslie’s gals—I thank you all for your kindness, compassion, and your friendship: in return I present you with a lanyard!

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