Saturday, February 19, 2011

March 2011

This month we are reading The Maze Runner, by James Dashner.

When Alison held this book up for our consideration, Natalie said, "It's post-apocalyptic dystopian society young adult," and we were all sold!

We'll be lunching at The Garden.

Sue says: "3 1/2 stars.  I started reading this and thought it was going to be like "The Lord of the Flies" which I hated reading in high school, but turns out it wasn't.  Good that.  I enjoyed it and will read the next one, although there better be some girls in it."

Holly says: dystopian-apocalyptic

A dystopian society is often a planned structured society in which the conditions of life are deliberately made miserable, characterized by poverty, oppression, violence, disease, scarcity, and/or pollution for the benefit of a select minority or some unnatural societal goal—like The Hungar Game

Apocalyptic ... predicting or presaging imminent disaster and total or universal destruction— like the Revelation of St. John' in the New Testament.

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