Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 2013-our fourth anniversary

We met at Kneader's at City Creek for an evening to discuss "Garden Spells".  It got 4 stars.  Alison said, "I loved this one! It's not my usual genre (though I am quite eclectic in my choices) - but I just adored the whole thing. I'm wondering if there is a sequel. Will I learn more about the fabulous Waverly women (including little Bay)?
If I have one complaint, it's that Bay, as a five year old, is just too mature for her age (not withstanding her life experience and her magical gift).

Sue said, "This book contains some delightful characters. I wanted to move to Bascom, North Carolina and hang out with the Waverley women because they were so interesting. Claire grows flowers in her garden and cook dishes with them that affects others' emotions, Sydney does the same with hair, Evanelle gives things to people they later need, and Bay talks to the anthropomorphic apple tree with special powers. The magical realism in the book seems so natural as to be absolutely believable as the ladies see other people's auras snap and change. One character deals with horrific domestic violence and another deals with fears that everyone she loves will leave her and has built up walls around herself. As each character comes to terms with these fears, they grow and mature. It was a very fun read, but there's a sexual situation alert and a language alert as the really mean, nasty character has severe language associated with him."
Garden Spells

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