Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 2013

The Whistling Season
We met at ZTejas at the Gateway and had a great time, but we missed Holly.  :(  Karen's book pick was "The Whistling Season" and it was a 4.5 star hit.

Karen said, "The story of a housekeeper and her brother coming to a small homesteading community in Montana, and changing the lives of one family. "

Alison said, "Such beautiful writing!"

Sue said, "Loved, loved, loved this book! The writing was great and made you feel in the moment, living the emotions with the characters. It's historical fiction set in Montana at the turn of the 20th century where a family is trying to make it dryland homesteading. Because of the mother's death, the father answers a newspaper ad from back East for a housekeeper who "can't cook but doesn't bite". She arrives with her brother who is well-educated and eventually becomes the teacher at the one-room schoolhouse where the boys attend and the father is on the school board. The story is told as a walk down memory lane as the oldest boy, Paul Milliron, returns to Marias Coulee as State Superintendent of Public Instruction with some important decisions to make on the future of schooling in Montana. He remembers his youth in the schoolhouse, learning to love Rose, the housekeeper, the various ups and downs of childhood, his own education, and his relationship with his two brothers. It's brilliantly told and compelling with wonderful characters and interesting dialogue. I have read the author's "Dancing at the Rascal Fair" which I really liked, but I liked this one even better. A great read."

Leslie's review is found here.

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